Sunday, April 02, 2006

Comrade Alfredo Neri

The film Comrade Alfredo Neri is about visual manipulation; it demonstrates how motion picture, in all its forms can drag us into or out of something, how it affects our feelings and helps shaping our opinion.
It wants to show how a camera can transform an ordinary man into an unpleasant character by the use of special light, filter and sound effect.
The video was meant to raise awareness, not of the Neo Nazi movement only, but of the media's participation in shaping our world-views and opinions.
As an activist video Comrade Alfredo Neri is our reflection on the media and on some level its loss of neutrality and independence.

Khaled Ramadan

Photo courtesy by Chamber of Public Secrets (


Blogger Graham Coulter-Smith said...

Hey Khaled
this is Graham Coulter-Smith I have a Spanish publisher Brumaria who want to publish and translate your article for Art in the Age of Terrorism they would publish it in English and Spanish in a collection of essays. But the timeline is short. I gave them contact details but they say they couldn't get in touch

8:32 PM  
Blogger masasam said...

Dear Khaled,
We would like to get in contact with you as we are organising a contemporary art group exhibition curated by Simon Njami, entitled "Al-huwya. Samples of Identities in Contemporary Times", and would be interested in your participation.
Please be so kind as to contact us at
Thank you very much
Kind regards
Monica Santos and Sandra Maunac

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